Liberals – Please Breed!

Ok – so I promise that I won’t always make my posts political but this is way more scary than regular old politics. This has to do with Republicans out-breeding Democrats by 41% – egad!

“But wait…,” I can hear you protesting, “Certainly this can only help us since most kids rebel against their parents political beliefs, right?”. Apparently, and horrifyingly not true. The most recent studies of this topic found that four out of five people grow up voting the same way their parents did (you see, you’re really not a snowflake after all). So you realized what you have to do, don’t you? Get out there and start making some babies folks!

Luckily, compared to some of the things I’ll try to persuade you to do in the course of this blog, this could be the most fun to execute – except for the, you know, uh, nine months and 18 years of actually raising the children but stay focused on the SEX people!! The sweaty, writhing, unprotected, progressive SEX!!

My new favorite Chronicle columnest (aside from the ever-fabulous Violet Blue and her Open Source Sex column) is Mark Morford whose RSS feed has already provided me endless hours of hilarity while I was supposed to be doing something else. His perspective on this matter is particularly enjoyable.

You have your mission! Get out there, you crazy liberals, and start humpin’!



One response to “Liberals – Please Breed!

  1. Important and Popular Person

    Why is ALV the only person posting here? Doesn’t she have any BFF? Why haven’t they posted anything here? hmm? Don’t they lurve her?

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