Music-luvahs Unite!


Attention regular live music goers (are you a goer? winkwinknudgenudge)- I am SO excited about this new site I just found – It is so rad and has already provided me with mounds and mounds of unreasonably giddy happiness.

Here’s how it works.

You upload your iTunes list of artists and it scours all the Bay Area venues and marks your wish-list calendar with shows by those folks. You can mark the shows you’re interested in and shows you’re attending so they show up on your music calendar. And you can see what shows your pals are going to. AND you can listen to a band on the page of that show, watch YouTube clips of their live shows, buy tickets, check out the message board of each show about venues, ticket availability, etc.. ALSO (wait, there’s more! heehee) – if you subscribe to Pandora or LastFM it will check your accounts there once a week to see what you listened to and/or gave thumbs-up to and it adds those artists to your wish-list. Crazy!

Other nerdy luv-ly-ness – You can get artist alerts sent to your wireless email account. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds of your friends’ wishlists. If you download their Hellaphresh software, everytime you add a CD to your iTunes it’ll add the artist to your wishlist. AND, it’s invite-only so you get to feel all cool and stuff (tho’ I’m hard-up for friends – message me and I’ll send you an invite- I need you to make me feel loved).

I just set up my account and it took about 10 minutes. It was created and is run by Gabe Beneviste – who by day is a Mac OS X system administrator at Pixar Studios (can you say ‘lack of free time’?!). It’s apparently been up for a year and Gabe regularly has forums (read: buys a pitcher of beer for a random group of users at a show and asks for feedback) so a lot of the bugs have been worked out. It’s extremely user-friendly, visually pleasing, and so far it runs nice and quickly.

The live-music junkie, computer nerd, and the neurotically scheduled ‘J’ in me all approve wholeheartedly!



One response to “Music-luvahs Unite!

  1. If you go to a forum, ask them to add a section for Pittsburgh.

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