Sexism Still Alive and Well in the Political Process

So leave it to election-year politics to draw me back into blogging!

Maureen Dowd’s editorial on Hillary Clinton’s ‘tears’ appeared in the New York Times yesterday and it was so incredibly sexist it made me sick to my stomach.

Now today, this editorial appeared stating that women must’ve seen Obama as the ‘popular kid who never talked to them’ and that every woman who’s been a multi-tasker suddenly was on Hillary’s side.
Now I recognize that voters can be motivated by all sorts of fickle & inconsequential things but it certainly seems like the interpretation of this particular voting shift has been extremely patronizing and sexist. Very few people focus on the fact that Hillary seems to do well when she can connect with smaller groups of voters which is more possible in New Hampshire. And maybe the almost-crying did humanize her and that helped with the vote but the way that it’s being written about is, to me, barely-disguised sexism and not at all what we’d see if a male candidate did the same.
The Daily Show at least recognized this and did a great montage of male politicians breaking down as well as pointing out that she didn’t even really CRY for chrissakes! I couldn’t find the full clip with the politicians breaking down but this shows the clip and how ridiculously everyone reacted.
In addition to posting these two editorials, The New York Times has been so blatantly pro-Obama lately that I’ve begun to lose confidence in it’s ability to accurately report on this election. And I’m not anti-Obama by any stretch (would easily campaign for him should he win the nomination), but I would hope for unbiased reporting, and editorials from many sides of each argument. New York Times don’t fail me now!
And I don’t even have time to touch on the maddening treatment of Hillary in the conservative press. The Washington Post printed this cartoon on January 10…
Where is your embarrassment people! Ugh.
Addendum – This op-ed piece by Gloria Steinem appeared a day before the Maureen Dowd column. Definitely worth reading and glad to see the NY Times had presented this.

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