Government Behaving Badly

Several choice morsels from those dis-organizations set up to ‘protect’ us.

Exhibit A
Toxic FEMA trailers and no action to correct the problem for 2 years.

In 2006, after hurricane evacuees living in FEMA trailers began reporting increased respiratory and other health problems, the Sierra Club conducted a study which found, ” formaldehyde concentrations as high as 0.34 parts per million – a level nearly equal to what a professional embalmer would be exposed to on the job.”

At the time, FEMA officials dismissed the Sierra Club’s findings saying that the trailers “conformed to industry standards“. Fast-forward two years later (ugh!) and a lawyer working for a group of hurricane victims asked a federal judge to force FEMA to test its trailers. These CDC tests results were even more alarming.

They found average levels of 77 parts formaldehyde per billion parts of air, significantly higher than the 10 to 17 parts per billion concentration seen in newer homes. Levels were as high as 590 parts per billion.

Of course, NOW the agency is moving like wildfire (or perhaps more realistically, like a sparkler) to move the residents out of the trailers into housing that won’t make them sick. Gee, what a novel concept.

(exhibit B, C, coming soon…)


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