Midwest Teen Sex Show

MTSS209, originally uploaded by nicole903.

I’m really surprised I haven’t blogged about this yet. The Midwest Teen Sex Show is an amazing group of folks who make funny & informative videos geared towards the crowd most in need of sex info these days – adolescents! Especially in the era of increasing abstinence-based sex education, MTSS is like a tall drink of water to the sex-info-parched youths of today fumbling through the world of early sexuality with very little guidance (and very few guides).

Here’s a link to a recent show on oral sex. I love that they acknowledge that teens can understand (and really love) this type of bawdy humor. Adolescents are so much more likely to hear this information presented this way,Ā as opposed to the mind-numbingly-boring sex ed of yesteryear. There are also several forums for teens to ask all their ‘everything you ever wanted to know but…’ questions.

Big applause for Guy, Nikol, Brittany & the rest of the crew! Spread the word to every parent & teen & educator you know about the Midwest Teen Sex Show!


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