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Art as Meditation

I was stressing out a bit at the hospital today.  So while I was on the phone listening to some heinous hold music, I browsed one of my new favorite blogs, Smarts & Crafts, created by the folks at The Curiosity Shoppe on Valencia. 

Then I found this piece and was reminded of the solace a bit of art can provide in times of chaos.

“An experimental animation in a technique being called “stratastencil” devised by Javan Ivey. Each frame is one piece of 4×6 card stock.”


A Dumb Little Story About Love



Funny & sweet comic by Ben Claassen III. See the full comic here. Very clever observations about the search for a mate. I love the ‘defense mechanism’ – heehee.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Artists I Lurve

The winter-chilled rainy blahs are here, urging me to curl up at home with all-things-cozy. The sketchbook art of one Ms. Laura Park, a.k.a. Featherbed has been one of the things lately keeping me all warm and fuzzy.

I love how she squishes all these images & words in while still managing to stop short of frenetic. And her subject matter is pleasing in it’s everyday, mundane silly-ness.

I know little about Ms. Park because there’s little on the Internets about her. She lives in Chicago, is originally from California and she designed the hoodies for Asthmatic Kitty Records (Sufjan Stevens label), which is how I originally found her.

I *do* know that, to me these days, her sketchbook is the art equivalent of a steaming cup of cocoa with homemade marshmallows. Mmm-mmm.