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2008 SF Progressive Voter Guides

As many of you know, I run a local activist group started during the 2004 election, called the Local Lefties. Since that time, we’ve held periodic fundraisers around local and national progressive issues.
Now, after a bit of a hiatus, we’re gearing-up again for some action with election fund/awareness-raisers, phone banking and some fun debate-watching evenings as well! Sign up for the listserv if you’d like to be informed of upcoming events (I promise you won’t be inundated – we send typically one email bi-weekly).
After Super Tuesday, I’ll post out our next few events so you can begin to mark your calendars. For now, I wanted to share some voter guides from local progressive organizations.
Progressive Voter Guides
Speak Out has a nifty graphic comparing many different progressive voter guides with links to each – check it out!
See you at the polls on Tuesday February 5!
And now for a little political humor courtesy of SFist